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About Al-Sarmad United Enterprises L.L.C

  • Our Vision
    To be the customer’s first and best choice for electronic security solutions.

  • Our Mission
    To consistently provide affordable, best-in-class security solutions to our customers while exceeding the value expectations of our shareholders and employees.

  • Shared Values

  • Integrity
    We will do what we say. We will keep our commitments to our customers, shareholders and employees.

  • Truth
    We will be honest and forthright in everything we do.

  • Fairness
    We will treat our customers, suppliers and employees fairly all the time.

  • Performance
  • Above all, we value superior performance. We expect the highest levels of achievement from all team members everyday.

    Finally, we are committed to safeguarding what you value most – your family, property and profits, our thanks to our loyal customers and to those that may choose us in the future.

  • Our Services
    Currently, SUE is focusing on the following technologies.
  1. Fingerprint and Card related Access Control & Time Attendance
  2. CCTV System Analog and Digital Systems
  3. Home &Commercial Alarm systems
  4. Stand Alone digital and Biometric locks
  5. Patrol and Security Guard Management System
  6. Identification Card Printing and Printers
  7. Hotel Management Locks
  8. Garage Door Systems
  9. Road Barrier Systems