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Samsung CCTV

Never undervalue the importance of a good surveillance system. These days’ security systems are everything for a business as it helps you to get a better look at what is going in and around the premises. When and under what conditions it should implement is important. Having the presence of security cameras can have a big impact on the productivity and performance of a business, also it make employees aware of how their time is being spent. CCTV cameras and recording systems have a significant role in the surveillance system, so it is important for the business to choose the best security products available in order to achieve better results.

Make surveillance better with Samsung CCTV systems.

Samsung communication is a global player in the vertical of communication. Samsung is truly an expert in the production of CCTV security systems – in producing security cameras and recording systems. There is a great deal of interest in its features, as it allows for a better and clear surveillance throughout. Vector Digitals is proud to present Samsung security systems for its various CCTV installation in Dubai and other emirates of UAE. We have managed to deliver perfect security solutions across varied industries with the Samsung CCTV security products. Our skilled experts help customers gain competitive advantage by implementing systems that leads to enhanced productivity and surveillance. So many sectors including government offices, corporates, retail stores etc…have been benefitted through our advanced solutions.

Samsung Analog cameras

Wide acceptance of IP surveillance systems doesn’t mean that the analog cameras have not reached the end of life. Samsung is renowned for pushing products to new levels by utilizing its progressive technology- be it in the production of electronic products or CCTV systems. Devoted in the production of high performance analog cameras, Samsung always manage to exceed industry outlooks. Samsung analog cameras comes in varied types such as bullet cameras, PTZ cameras, fixed dome cameras etc… These analog cameras are enriched with many features and it includes high resolution, privacy masking, night vision, video analytics etc…

Samsung IP cameras

IP surveillance caught industry appreciation and attention because of its user friendliness and advanced nature. Samsung IP cameras are blessed with functionalities and features that works well to meet today’s demand for a better security system in Dubai. These line of cameras extends promising features for the business that look for a change from analog system to IP system. The IP cameras comes in varied types that includes bullet cameras, fisheye cameras, fixed domes, wireless cameras, box cameras etc…It has the features of High Resolution, Night Vision, Motion detection, Supports email notifications, Remote accessibility and much more.

Samsung Network Video Recorder

Network Video Recorder is a crucial system in IP surveillance that enables simultaneous recording, live view and remote access of live streaming from IP cameras. One of the most influential recording systems in the industry, Samsung Network Video recorder is presented with the state of the art features to actively manage the client environment to various situations remotely and onsite. Last but not least, quality that Samsung NVR deliver is astonishing and is feasible to any business environment or for residential purposes. Its features includes User-friendly interface, Record and play video and audio, high definition video, remote monitoring, Live monitoring of the network cameras.

Samsung Digital Video Recorder

Digital Video Recorder brings analog cameras into the digital age. As the recordings was saved in tapes, digital viewing wasn’t possible in the conventional analog systems. But with the introduction of DVR it is possible to record and manage the videos in a digital way. To exploit this, Samsung presents Digital Video recorder that encourages Analog CCTV surveillance in a great way. We are professionals in designing the surveillance solution with the Samsung DVRs in Dubai. Some of the features Samsung DVR include High Performance, Quality images, High resolution support and smart search.